July 12, 2012
: GW Countdown, Week Two: 7 Shocking Moments


4. Shadow Form gets nerfed

Oh, Shadow Form. One little elite spell that has caused so much controversy, tears and asspain in the Guild Wars community. For those who have never heard of Shadow Form, it’s basically a skill you use and your character runs around singing “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. As a result, 80 million Assassin characters were made and they farmed all the riches of Guild Wars. Some people loved being able to hop on their character (named some sort of variation of “xXxPerma SinxXx”) and being able to gobble up all the ectos in the universe. Others complained that Shadow Form was too overpowered, made the game too lazy, etc.

It’s not really a shock that ArenaNet would eventually nerf this skill…but when they did, it sent shockwaves through the entire community. I remember this update happening live and seeing people in outposts say stuff like “LEAVING guild wars TODAY. selling EVERYTHING, fuck you ANET.” This was before I ever thought I would write about Guild Wars and run a blog so I have no screencaps. I wish I had some though because people were saying the craziest shit in-game. Discussion about it also blew up Guild Wars internet forums, where Shadow Form haters went “haha neener neener neener” and Shadow Form lovers cried and deleted Guild Wars off their computer. No really…that happened. People stopped playing the game because of Shadow Form being changed. They gave away their stuff in outposts, deleted their character and vowed to never play Guild Wars again. Characters were deemed “useless” with the new Shadow Form. In short, there was much qq’ing, much gloating, much butthurt, much discussion about this 1 skill. A lovely example of a common post-nerf Shadow Form post:

Attention everyone! Raptor Farming, Nicholas the Traveler farming, and Boss Farming in HM is now officially impossible.

You can no longer farm:

  • Woe Spreader (for your discordway heroes, luckily I manage to get the number of woe spreaders i needed prior to the nerf)
  • Raptors
  • Scar Eater
  • Jayne Forestlight
  • Tomton Spiriteater
  • Shreader Sharptongue
  • Korshek the Immolated
  • Eshim Mindclouder
  • Birneh Skybringer
  • Chor the Bladed
  • ecto farming (although that was nerfed earlier with the Skeletons of Dhumm)
  • Shakor Firespear
  • Jishol Darksong
  • (rare) material farming (particularly feathers)
  • elite tomes
  • any items for Nicholas the Traveler

Good luck trying to find good weapons for your heroes or trying new builds.

Oh yeah, and since Sins are useless outside of perma SF (that prevents both spells and attacks prior to the nerf) and PvP, I’m officially “retiring” my sin.

If you are ever bored, I suggest popping some popcorn and going back and reading some more posts about the Shadow Form nerf. I feel a little bad laughing at people’s shock and disgust at the nerf…but at the same time…LOL

People still use Shadow Form today in Guild Wars. In fact this weekend, many users will dust off their Assassin and take them on a trip up into the Shiverpeaks to farm for Wintersday items. But there are also many Assassins who are forever frozen in time, Assassins who refuse to learn or love the new Shadow Form, Assassins who will never play again because they can’t get over the shock of having their skill changed.


Oh Gods, yes. Shadow Form.

It seemed at one point like ANet was trying to nerf Shadow Form every six months or so, and every time they changed the skill, it’d cause a new storm of protest and QQ’ing and vows to quit the game on the part of Assassins. Paragons may have been the least popular profession in the game, but I do believe that Assassins became the most hated profession in the game, and all because of the way so many elitists who developed an over-reliance on SF would get all upset when ANet decided that SF was deforming and distorting the way the game was played and was being unfairly exploited by a relatively small number of players to get way more loot than was intended. (You can guess from the foregoing that I’m a lot more in sympathy with ANet than with the QQ’ing SF elitists.)

I created Legendary Survivor characters in all 10 professions over my 4 1/2 years playing GW1, but I never really spent that much time playing my Assassin…all the turmoil over Shadow Form just left a bad taste in my mouth, perhaps unfairly so for her. In order of characters, I’d have to say I’ve actually played the most since creating them, aside from getting them to LS and through the various campaigns and EotN: Mesmer, Ritualist, Elementalist, Warrior, Dervish, Necromancer, Ranger, Paragon, Monk, Assassin. (Sorry, Eleonora (my ‘sin)).

June 30, 2012
So now that I’ve posted all my characters…

…which ones do you like the best?

June 28, 2012

Eleonora of Karlana, my assassin, in Lunatic Court Finery and Elite Asuran armor, carrying Destroyer daggers.