August 8, 2012
Say, I just realized something.

Last week, [Oops] did a Deep run. The next day, ANet popped a stress test.

This week, [Oops] did an Urgoz run. Anet has just announced another stress test for tomorrow.

Clearly, there is an irrefutable correlation between the two. Therefore, [Oops] must henceforth run an open event of some sort - vanquish, dungeon, what have you - every other day from now until August 24th. Thus, ANet will be compelled to run stress tests the following day, so that we shall all have the opportunity to alternate between Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2 for the next 16 days.

Logical, eh?

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    I am the only one that realizes that if [Oops] will just run all four parts of DA that we would have another beta...
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    I support this theory.
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    [Oops] has magical powers, what can I say
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